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By Tracy Gowler 3 years ago
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My inspiration came through for me again this week. She and her husband have been stellar clients, doing everything I have asked, following their eating plan to the letter, titrating their supplements and sticking to them like troopers.  And, there are improvements but the trade off sometimes is the frustration of doing what it takes to be help the body heal itself.

This is what she sent to me last week. “Here’s another quote for you then cuz we are both struggling today. Neither of us slept well and that makes it hard to be strong. This is not easy. You have to REALLY want it. My good days bring hope on the bad days. Keep going-just one moment at a time because if you try and look at the whole picture, it’s daunting. But it will be worth it in the end.”

She is right.  The big picture can be really daunting.  The reality is that many people are dealing with years of damage caused by poor eating, stress, poor sleep, antibiotics, toxins, etc.  and a general disrespect of our bodies.  We are used to the medical model method of taking a pill and improving our symptoms.  The downside of that approach is that the resolution of the symptoms are not getting down to the nitty gritty of the problem, they are just providing relief.  Getting down to the nitty gritty requires lifestyle changes including diet and support for the body to allow it to begin its own healing process.  The downside of this is that it takes time.

What kind of time does it take?  The best answer I have for that is that it depends.

Sucky answer, I know this.  Everyone is different.  Everyone’s vital reserve is different, dysfunction is different.  Getting to the root cause or at least close to it is like putting together the pieces of a very large puzzle.  Symptoms in one system in the body may actually have started in another system because they are all truly tied together.  It could be 6 months.  It could be a year.  Or you could be one of those lucky people that require a small shift and you are good.  Like I said, it depends. 

Diet for most people, is the hardest undertaking.  It requires a complete shift to the way you eat and the manner in which you provide food for yourselves.  It is no longer a fast trip to Wendy’s or the boxed meal you find in the freezer section.  The amount of time required for meal planning, shopping, meal prep and cooking for all three meals every day is daunting.  And, it is required.  Beyond this, the elimination of inflammatory foods and foods that you are sensitive to makes food preparation that much harder.  Our lives used to incorporate and revolve around food preparation in past generations.  Not so much anymore.  Restructuring of lives to change the course of our health becomes a reality.  You can’t half-ass it.  Well you could but to what end?  Certainly not meeting the health goals you have set for yourself and your family.

To repeat what my client said above.  “You have to really want it”.  Whatever your reasoning might be, you do have to commit to your reasoning, your health goals, the long haul, and the time and education required to get you to those goals.  It is simple, but it isn’t easy.

So what are the benefits or better yet, why would you choose to commit?  To really want it?  Well, that also depends I think.  For myself, the state of health I was experiencing was awful, miserable.  I hated my life and was so disappointed in where I ended up realizing it was self-inflicted.  Now, I didn’t completely understand the process but I knew I was living unhealthy so I had to own where I was.  I didn’t want to be there anymore.  I had so much I wanted to do and to live for.  I had already looked after my dad for 12 years while he was sick with Dementia and I did not want to place that burden on my children.  I chose to make a change for me, for my health, for my life.  And that became my driving factor.  I wanted my life back.  I really wanted it.

Maybe a few questions to ask yourself to determine your level of commitment.

Are you happy with your current state of health?

Where will you be in 5 or 10 years if you do nothing?

What kind of a burden will it place upon your loved ones if you do nothing?

Are you financially prepared to be sick?

Are you prepared to give up all of your dreams and your bucket list to an illness?

The reality is that you are worth it.  You are worth the time and the effort.  So choose you, go all in and commit to your health.  Really want it.  Give it everything you’ve got and get to that place where you can really live your life on your terms, in health.

Have a great day.

Clean your kitchen, clean your body, clean your life.


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